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Letting Go of the Lawn in La Jolla

AFTER BEFORE AFTER   These La Jolla home owners were ready to make the move and get rid of the expansive water-guzzling lawn in their front yard. We were delighted to help them with the design and installation because we specialize in creating lush landscapes that are water efficient. The final product speaks for itself! Harry [...]

Before and After Pictures from Torrey Pines Landscape Co., Inc

Before   It’s always thrilling to watch the gardens that we have worked on grow and bring enjoyment to the home owners.  This project in Rancho Santa Fe truly started with a blank canvas…as seen in the bottom photo. Visit our website to see our portfolio: And continue to visit our blog for more [...]

Room with a View in Del Mar

  After – Tropical view with Custom Water-Feature      This home in Del Mar had a narrow courtyard space outside of the dining room window which the owners had filled with a ‘plug-and-play’ water feature and some tropical plants in pots. We wanted to create a lush view that did justice to their homes interior design. Since [...]

After we leave…decorating your new outdoor spaces

Your home doesn’t end at your front or back door. Especially in San Diego, with our temperate climate, our living space extends into the outdoor spaces of our properties.  These outdoor rooms warrant just as much attention to form and function as our indoor spaces. There are 4 basic steps to follow for outdoor room [...]

March To-Do List for your San Diego Garden

  Most planting is done around the spring (March & April) and the fall (September & October). Any extra time that you spend attending to your gardens during these periods means a healthier garden year-round which requires less overhauls in maintenance. With the exception of tropicals, which prefer to be planted in warmer months, March is a great [...]

Erosion Control in San Diego Landscapes

  Our office recently received a distress call from a San Diego homeowner.  A slope on his property had commenced to ‘slide’ because of the recent rains and a local engineering geologist recommended us, Torrey Pines Landscape Co.,  as a business that could help him prevent this situation from recurring.  (It’s great to get unsolicited referrals.)  There are several [...]

La Jolla Landscape Desgin – Case Study

Meditation nook with flagstone and brick walk & planters Flagstone and Brick Patios overlooking the Pacific Ocean   Since we will be updating the case studies on our website, we wanted to give one last look at the projects featured there. This La Jolla project started from a ground-up remodel of a cottage that sits on [...]

California Showy Blooms in February

                              On a recent drive from San Diego to San Francisco up highways 101 and 1, the flowering plums were the floral harbingers of spring. These trees are part of the genus Prunus which is best known horticulturally for the hundreds of [...]

Reference books for Landscaping in San Diego County

Someone recently commented that they wished our blogs were longer and more in depth for ‘newbies’.  It’s delightful to know that we are peaking interest in homeowners that want to improve their outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to dedicate to more in depth blogging and education.  Carl Sandburg said “Time is the [...]

More on Rose Care…

Pruning January is the month for pruning in San Diego. If you are a transplant from another part of the country like the East or Midwest, what worked there doesn’t apply here. We certainly don’t have the winters that those places do, so a heavy fall pruning isn’t necessary for the roses to survive. The [...]